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Onur Sabri Durak
Onur Sabri DurakOf Counsel
Onur Sabri Durak focuses his practice on maritime law as well as Chinese law related matters.

He worked at Antarctic Treaty Secretariat in Buenos Aires, Argentine and at the same year he participated to First Turkish Antarctic (Scientific) Expedition (TAE – I) as the Legal and Environmental Officer. He has participated to Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings in 2016 and 2017 as a Republic of Turkey delegate. Since 2018, he continues his academic researches at Shanghai Jiaotong University Koguan Law School & Deep-Sea Mining and Polar Research Centre. Currently he focuses on Maritime Law, Marine Environmental Law, Polar Law and Chinese Law. Additionally, he is a founder of a consultancy firm in Shanghai and provides legal consultancy services in foreign investments, contracts, intellectual property and transportation related matters.

Upon receiving scholarship, he pursued his Ph.D. studies in China where he focuses on Marine Environmental Law. After his Ph.D. studies and researches in China, he taught maritime law related courses at ITU Maritime Faculty, ITU Naval Architecture and Marine Sciences, ITU NCTR. During and after his Ph.D. studies, he attended Xiamen Academy of International Law (2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2015), Xi’an Jiaotong University China and International Commercial Dispute Resolution International Workshop and Roundtable on International Commercial Law (2013), Marco Polo – Zheng He Academy of International Oceans Law and Policy (2015), Barcelona International Summer School in Maritime Law (2020), Antwerp Maritime Academy Program on Maritime Law (2021), The Hague Academy of International Law Summer Courses on Public International Law and Private International Law (2021), and Xiamen International Training Workshop on Global Ocean Governance in the New Era (2021).

During his graduate studies, he became a Maritime Law Research Assistant at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Maritime Faculty. Mr. Onur Sabri Durak participated for national and international conferences for delivering academic speeches, and published at national and international journals.


PhD in Law Shanghai Maritime University (China)
LL.M. Istanbul University
LL.B., Marmara University School of Law


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