D&C is a full service consultancy firm based in Turkey. D&C is founded by experienced lawyers including both law professors and attorneys at law. D&C’s principles include advising our clients in a timely manner with exact and clear information, reflecting realistic charges for the services rendered, and providing professional services our clients can trust.D&C guarantees a high quality of service in every situation.


We focus our services on advising our clients in all aspects of their questions. We know that you invest your money into a project with significant amount of risks. We invest our time and effort to ensure that your investment will be protected in all aspects of law. Our members are well prepared to provide all the necessary details for your investment security.


We are proud that D&C brings together the academic excellence and practitioners’ flexibility. Our unique structure allows our clients to see the legal explanation and practical matters that control their cases. We help our clients to develop strategies that fit their business targets. We manage the complex litigation and reflect the possible outcomes of our clients’ disputes.


Our unique structure allows focusing on each disputes’ details and spend the necessary amount of time for resolving disputes and legal problems. Our professional team provides personalized consulting services to each client. Our clients have access to first hand legal support from our partners. By our work discipline and structure, we ensure that our clients benefit from our fast-track legal support system. We work on every individual case to produce client oriented advice. Our team leaders personally edit the final version of every work product that focuses on the requests our clients made.

A brief overview of our services is listed below:

  • International Investment Arbitration
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Third Party Founding
  • Foreign Direct Investment

Our distinct features include:

  • Direct Access to Our Legal Team; no wait list
  • Your question is our top priority
  • Quick follow-up to your needs/requests
  • Client oriented
  • Exclusive

“Our team leaders personally edit the final version of every work product that focuses on the requests our clients made.”

Ahmet Dülger • Partner, D&C Intlaw Consultancy